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Whether you are an IVF veteran or you’re just starting your journey, there is something for you here. We exist to help the women of the UAE access the best fertility treatment for them and their families.

There can be so much fear, grief, and anxiety when you are struggling to have a baby. We know how that feels. You are not alone, no matter how isolating it can feel. We offer in-person support groups, coffee mornings, information sessions at various clinics in town, and educational campaigns to help you navigate your infertility journey.

As a member of IVF Support UAE you are entitled to exclusive offers from many of the region’s top IVF clinics.

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About Cassie


Cassie Destino started IVF Support UAE after going through two IVF cycles as a new expat in Abu Dhabi. She found it very isolating to be looking for and undergoing fertility treatment so far away from her friends and family back home so she decided to create a support group so that no other woman had to go through that alone if she didn’t want to.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Cassie has a masters degree in film from The London Film School. She and her husband lived in San Francisco before they moved to the UAE in 2014.

Cassie has twins born from her third IVF cycle in 2015; a boy and a girl. She and her family live in Dubai. Devoted to lovingly molding them into citizens of tomorrow - she cites the responsibility of teaching them about civic duty, feminism, and their place in culture as her favorite aspect of parenthood. As a mother of twins, she loves being able to experience their childhood in one, vibrant, wild moment.

Her goal for IVF Support UAE is that it will become a one-stop place for all fertility needs in the region. It will be a wellspring of resources and information for all would-be parents so that they will not need to search the internet alone to find out what they need to know about fertility treatment in the UAE.

Cassie will continue to host events and meetings to keep members up to date with information. With community support playing a major role in her journey, she will connect women to each other as they attempt to create their families.

In addition to running IVF Support UAE, she enjoys reading, binge-watching Netflix, cooking, and spending as much time as she can with her fellow ex-pat moms.

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